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I receive at least 10 if not more spam emails every day. I use an account and Windows Outlook 365 mail client.

I months now I have been on a mission to flag the senders as junk but for every one, ten more appear. Is there anything I can do apart from change email addresses (that would be near impossible as my email address is so embedded into my online life eg shopping, banking, medical, etc etc). Is there any software I can buy to help? Please save me I am drowning in spam and could well miss an important real email!



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You probably need something that bounces emails, rather than just blocking them. Years ago, I had a spammer who would send 40 per day. When I disabled the account, he slowed down to one every now and then, just to test whether I was still there. If they get consistent bounces, a smart spammer will tend to drop you off the list.


Hotmail and gmail have a commitment to blocking spam, but they also seem to block normal friend-mail. You need to make sure all your friends are whitelisted, or specifically approved by you, in case they send something a bit spammy. Sometimes they will send something really spammy, when their yahoo account has been hijacked.

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