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Direct Debit


Having trouble setting up DD online. Says there is a 'System Issue' and to try again later. Been happening for a few days now. Suggestions?


Re: Direct Debit


Would give them a call or try & chat to them online. A chat should pop up if you hang around on their site, I think it even pops up within My Account at times.


Is probably a fault they need to report to be fixed, so best to give them a call if you can.

Re: Direct Debit


Dont bother. I have been trying since November. Had to change DD details after Cwlth bank terminated all Amex cards. Optus are in the process of merging billing platforms for mobile and broadband (currently separate) resulting in all sorts of issues and the very polite but innefective people online or on the phone are poweless to change things.

I have now referred my issue to the Telecommunicatioons Industry Ombudsman. Waster too much tiem tryting to fix it on the phone and cvhatting on line.

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