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New Contributor Nicolala
New Contributor

Deleting Direct Debit Account

I want to transfer my bills to my work. They need a bill each month which they would pay manually, therefore I need to delete the Direct Debit details from my account but it won't let me do this. How can I set this up? 

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Honoured Contributor
Honoured Contributor

Re: Deleting Direct Debit Account

Just contact Optus directly on LIVECHAT. If its an issue then just ask your bank to cancel the DD (they may say it should be done with Optus but they can also do it.

FWIW if Optus do DD the next bill then your work pays the bill it goes in as a credit. Next month Optus will just take the credit first. So if your company keep paying manually then that all works out too.

Peter Gillespie
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