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Consumer to business account

So I went into my local Optus store on Friday and ended up getting a new iPad and some accessories bundled onto my existing plan; that all went fine but myself and the bloke in store (Jessee - Lismore NSW) were wondering why on earth we couldn't automatically have my account changed from consumer to business, I have nothing listed on my ABN in terms of credit and never have until now; I have just started contracting my services to a local transport company so needed to get some things for work to make life easier and although I was able to get it on my personal account we don't know why I couldn't get these items on my ABN let alone have my account changed from personal to business. 


It's just real strange becuase Jessee said there was no reason at all at the time for it not to convert, I have since recieved messages which are automated from Optus saying "sorry your application to change from personal to business was unsuccessful" so it's definitely got me confused; I'm still able to claim everything as part of my business activities when I do my tax next year but I would love to know why on earth it wouldn't approve for such a simple request? 


Going to pop in the store next week to see if there are answers as he is the local business rep but if I can get some ideas on here that would definitely be of assistance. 





Casino, NSW 

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Re: Consumer to business account

Hey there Mitch,

I'm afraid we wouldn't know the specifics of the application here. It could be anything, missing or mismatch of submitted information, credit check unsuccessful, etc.

You may have luck chatting with a Business Specialist although they may only deal with business accounts.

As you say, the local business rep should be able to find out why.

Good luck and let us know how you go.

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