I'm unsure where to send compliments through optus, and have seen some on here so hopefully this finds its way to the correct people. I have had a lot of issues with optus lately, Monday and Tuesday (over 1.5 hours in total) on the phone trying to sort issues with my account. Tuesday I called, someone hung up on me, then I was put on hold AGAIN and somebody else answered. Not a single person has been helpful, until I spoke to Harris from mobile customer care. After spending 1.5 hours on the phone over the 2 days, he managed to fix everything I needed in maybe 10 minutes. I can't even begin to put into words how helpful and friendly he was compared to everyone else I have spoken to. Please pass this on to a manager or supervisor where he can be recognised for his efforts, because he was OUTSTANDING. Thanks so much again!

Call ref #15289581435

Re: Compliment


Hi Hayley! Thank you so much for taking your time out to post about the experience that you had with Harris from customer care Smiley Happy I should be able to email with the call reference number and hopefully his supervisor/team leader can give him a shout out. 

Hope that you have an amazing day Smiley Happy

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