Complaint - Process of getting new phone delivered is a nightmare


I placed an order for a Galaxy S8 on a plan on 18 May.


On 22 May, I saw that my order had not been sent due to an invalid address. I'm in an office building in the melbourne CBD, and I had just provided the address of the mailroom.


This is where things get ridiculous.


I checked on the 24th of may and the order had a note about a "slight hiccup"


I called up on the 24th of May to try and see what could be done about it. Apparently the address I provided wasn't valid, despite receiving deliveries from pretty much every other eCommerce provider in Australia. There was no resolution in this call.

I then went to an Optus store on Thursday night. (25 May) and was told that they weren't able to help me. I asked whether I could get the phone sent to THEM, so that I could then pick it up in store, and they refused. Instead, they called the offshore customer service people and handed me the phone. Again, there was no resolution.


I called Star Track today (29/5) and asked if they could alter the delivery. Star track said that only Optus could change that.


I used web chat to speak to optus today (chat ID INT-va1appis11-1496043716897-483704) - and I was advised that my package was in Sydney.


I asked again whether it could be sent to an optus store and they refused.


I asked if they could send it to the mailroom in my building - they refused


I asked if they could send it to my parents and have one of them sign for it - they refused.


So they will only deliver to me, but won't go to the reception of my office building and call me, or deliver to someone whom I authorise to collect it.


I've given up. I live on my own and I've asked that it is delivered to me. I work full time so I will no doubt miss this delivery. My only hope is that they drop the card in my mailbox and I will then be able to go and pick it up from a star track location. Knowing my luck, they'll fail to deliver again. 


Well done Optus - your online retailing experience is one of the worst in the world.











Re: Complaint - Process of getting new phone delivered is a nightmare


Hi @RP83, sorry to hear of your experience. Extra security measures are in place with our delivery partner for mobile devices due to the higher theft risk but I'm sorry you've had this trouble. If you'd like us to check into this for you, feel free to PM us here → with your order number/mobile number, name and DOB and we'll confirm the details for you. 

Re: Complaint - Process of getting new phone delivered is a nightmare


Yes i understand exactly what you mean i'm going through the same process that you went through I'm  here in brisbane

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