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Mobile Outage Northern NSW has now been resolved 2PM AEDT
New Contributor lisag66
New Contributor

Cant receive call from some numbers,

Over the last few months I have found I am unable to recieve calls from some people, they are getting a disconnect/unavailable message. The callers are from both optus and other carriers who have previously had no trouble calling my number. I have been with optus for many years so my number hasn't been ported over recently.


My Daughter is one of the callers that now cant get through even though our phones are on the same account with data sharing etc. she went into our local Optus shop and after waiting for ages to be served they were not helpful at all and told her to call support or chat online.


Has anyone else had this problem or have some suggestions of how to fix this issue please?


Thanks Lisag66


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Trusted Contributor
Trusted Contributor

Re: Cant receive call from some numbers,

First thing you need to check is whether it's your phone. After seeing Android software block texts going to Virgin, unless you deleted all your other texts, I'm not sure of anything.


Swap SIMs with your daughter.

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