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Can't login into my Hoyts account using Optus Perks

Hi, I somehow can't login into my hoyts account while I purchase my movie tickets via optus perks. It always says login error. Does anyone know what happened? What should I do to login?



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Re: Can't login into my Hoyts account using Optus Perks

From my understanding of the process (my local has tickets chepaer so dont use hoyts)


You click on the link on the perks website - this sends you to to the hoyts page (uses a partner promo to get you discount)

From there you would need to sign up for a hoyts account - Optus has no control over that side - its done by Hoyts.

If you have not signed up you need ot use the signup link on that page, after signup go to the Optus perks page and then click the link and login using your HOYTS login.

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Re: Can't login into my Hoyts account using Optus Perks

There is no need for a Hoyts account to buy Optus Perks tickets. You just need to log into your Perks account and navigate to Hoyts via the offer. When selecting your session, you can choose how many Optus Perks tickets your want, from here you just need to enter your email and payment information and off you go!

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