Can't delete messages


Hello Support,


I am having trouble deleting messages from email -


I have deleted emails from my mobile account and have deleted what I could from my desktop email account but it comes up with the following error.

'Error moving message. Does the target folder still exist? If you are deleting a message you may be over your quota. Please empty your trash and try again.'

Please assist me.



Leo Poly

Re: Can't delete messages


Anything that asks if the target folder still exists would suggest to me that one or both of your devices are setup using IMAP and a folder that it has been synchronising has been deleted. I would check your account via webmail first and see if the rubbish bin has been emptied. I would also check the structure of the folders are the same with your mobile, desktop and webmail before you go any further. It also might pay to backup your email on your pc in case you lose the lot trying to fix the problem.

Re: Can't delete messages


I was also getting the same issue regarding the emails as I was also unable to delete or access the emails from quite a few days. The folders are there but the emails cannot be accessed, I am also trying to make that fix. 


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