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Can't activate my Optus Sport when I'm eligibled to



In my contract it says that I'm eligibled for free Optus Sport. However, when I click "Activate" and check the eligibility, by putting in my details on Mobile Broadband, these texts appear as "We've encountered a problem. To access our exclusive FIFA World Cup coverage, go to My Account, select your service, and then add your Optus Sport subscription through the Entertainment tab".

I have tried over and over and tried to reach the online chat support but it took forever to connect to someone that can resolve my issue. 


Can you please assist? 

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Re: Can't activate my Optus Sport when I'm eligibled to

I would strongly recommend if you are using Chrome, try and do this through Incognito mode to ensure the cache is not causing any issues. Also, if you are activating sport on WiFi, disable the WiFi so it picks up that you are on the Optus 4G device that has the Sport Entitlement.

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