Can no longer change plan details vi My Account

Where has the view/change plan capability gone in My Account? I Can no longer see this.
 But My account web page looks different now.
When I log in I see a Welcome page that asks me to check my profile, shows shared usage summary and with a list of services.
 If I select a service it takes me to that service with 4 tabs at the top USAGE/MANAGE/OVERVIEW/ENTERTAINMENT and by default shows Usage.
If I select the "MANAGE" tab there uis a range of settings but no Account information.
I just want to be able to review my current plans, expiry dates and upgrade to newer plans if possible online.
If I choose "Overview" it shows me service details including plan name and expiry date but NO way to change this???
If I select "Entertainment" tab, it kicks me out of the account altogether!
All I want is:
 1. Information on all my current services (6) including current plans, inclusions and expiry dates.
 2. Information on newer comparable plans that are available to move to including rates and inclusions.
3. Compare and revise as appropriate including renewing on a new 12 month plan if suitable.
 The whole point of the My Account website was to make it EASIER for customers to manage their own accounts and services quickly and efficiently. The new website is atrocious and counter-intuitive in it's design.
I opened a chat discussion to try to get a simple answer to this and with the plan to just rollover my existing 6 services into new later plans, but it just got too hard. No-One seems to know what they are doing and I wasted over 2 hours of my time being passed off to 4 different people, none of who could answer my original question and had no interest in retaining my business.
I quote:
"I'm afraid that I won't be able to fully assist you , however what I can do for you today is put you through to another Chat Representative who can."
"I can help you with that .. Since it's a new website . It coould be little complicated for you ."
"This are insrtuction which is  updated to us . I am still investigating on it."
If Optus team can't navigate the My Account Website, how is a customer supposed to do it?
The final suggestion that was made to me was to place an order for 6 NEW SERVICES and then try to merge them back into My original account and cancel the existing services???
Seriously, It's easier to change carriers than to remain with Optus

Re: Can no longer change plan details vi My Account


To make matters worse, it now appears that somehow, Optus has sent me an email confirmation of an order for a new account that i never placed???


What is going on???

Re: Can no longer change plan details vi My Account




If you start prodding the bear (customer service) then they can sometimes accidentally let things loose while trying to help. Between the lines you seem to have needed some of your services to be assigned to the new account format so perhaps this has triggered some "New Service" messages?


I'm surprised the website GUI has taken so long to change for you. I thought evryone was migrated around 6 months ago? Apparently not. FWIW the new look isn't that bad IMO. Its different and so will take a few logins to get used to. If you scroll down to where your service (number)  is listed and expand it then to the right should be PLAN DETAILS and under that a CHANGE PLAN option you are looking for.


Personally I've never really trusted the deals offered to be comprehensive. Better just to navigate to the optus main page and see what the deals of the day are. 




Peter Gillespie

Re: Can no longer change plan details vi My Account


Hi Peter,


Thanks for your response.

That's how it USED to be, and it was easy to navigate and find.

Now however the layout appears to have changed again.

Selecting the service now takes me to a new page with new navigation tabs : Usage/Manage/Overview/Entertainment.

Selecting Overview provides Service details and plan information, but that's it.

There is NO change plan button any more, and it doesn't appear that this capability exists at all anywhere in the new layout. 

Nearly 4 hours of wasted engagement yesterday with at least 7 people from Optus from various sections including Sales, Support, Accounts etc who also couldn't find it tells me that they haven't communicated this change in process well internally yet either.

(I was actually advised to cancel my existing services and place an order for new ones!).

Turns out you were right and the "order" message was an update to my account where they changed one of my plans and CANCELLED a volume discount I was receiving for having multiple services with them.

This took 3 phone calls and another 100 minutes of my life away to find an actual person to speak to and for them to chase up and find out.


When I threatened to go and research alternate carriers, this prompted the support team member who advised me of this to try to put me through to their "Customer Retention Team" only to come back (after having me on hold for another 10 minutes), to apologise and advise me that this team NO LONGER EXISTS!


Seems Customer Retention is not as high on the agenda at Optus as acquisition these days and they are actively encouraging us to leave first before they try to woo us back?


Come on Optus - get your act together.



Re: Can no longer change plan details vi My Account


That's really strange.


I'd take what any one customer service person says with a grain of salt though. I can understand the Retentions Team being too busy to pick up and perhaps the CS person just translated this a gone? Obvious the retentions team is where CS people punt upset customers to be better managed. Getting rid of it makes little sense. Maybe they came up with a new name?


That said, there's seems to be something going on behind the scenes at Optus at the moment. Phone contact wait times has always been an issue, but now it seems almost impossible to get through. LIVECHAT has also blown out far beyond reasonable. Perhaps there is some restructuring going on?


Hopefully things get back to normal soon.


Good Luck


Peter Gillespie


PS Can't speak to the new GUI. Guess we'll all find out about it in due course. 

Re: Can no longer change plan details vi My Account


Thanks again for your response Peter.


It's almost impossible to actually speak to a person.

I made at least 4 different phone calls changing options to try to best align with what I was trying to achieve, with almost every single one eventually narrowing down to a single option resulting in an SMS with a link being sent to me.


I understand that they need to update systems and processes, and drive customers towards self-service options to reduce service costs, but if the web GUI is poorly designed and the phone and chat escalation only ends up pointing back to the web, then UX/CX suffers significantly.


Ideally, a well designed web site will be designed to intuitively allow the customer to self manage  their account and devices, otherwise this is counter-productive and subsequently causes a significant INCREASE in Customer management cost instead.


What I should have been able to do in 15 minutes by myself online (or 20-30 minutes over the phone) ended up tying up no less than 7 different Optus resources for anything from 5 minutes to 2 hours EACH, to try to assist with the desired outcome, (change of plan and renewal of contract term) still NOT having been achieved, and a dissatisfied customer being the ONLY result thus far.


I'm going to research options from other carriers this weekend before deciding on any further actions.

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