Can i cancel my 12 month plan without cancellation fee


When i applied optus i choose a number and 80gb plan. Its almost a month passed, first they changed by number against my will so the number on the contract i signed is tottally different number then i am using, secondly optus gave my 80 gb plan to number on the contact so i still couldn't use it. Am i able to cancel this contract without paying any cancellation fee? If yes how can I do it? Thanks. 

Re: Can i cancel my 12 month plan without cancellation fee


The current cancellation fee would be $330.


How did you choose your number? Did you go into a store? Did you pay extra for a premium one? Or did you just select one from a list of free options?


Its not a great start to the relationship but it sounds like Optus just need to sort the connection between the number and the plan. Do you have any data / connection for your phone now? How much?


Optus should credit you a one month refund for the time the handset was not usable. I'll flag a Mod @Dan_C and he can get your details and hopefully ensure the link is 


As for a total cancellation I suspect Optus would say no. Not getting the number you want is annoying but not sufficient IMO to warrant a cancellation. Not transferring an existing number would. If you paid extra for a premium number then that should be refunded. 


Peter Gillespie

Re: Can i cancel my 12 month plan without cancellation fee


Cheers @petergdownload


Before we go any further, I'm just after a bit more information @Yigit


At this time, you now have two service numbers, both of which are contracted onto a 12M SIM only plan?


Was the intention to port a number in from another provider, or did we give you a choice of brand-new numbers when signing on with us? Instead of the number you'd selected, we've given you an entirely different number?

Let me know, I'm happy to help out. 


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