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New Contributor Nadia1
New Contributor

Can I recover my deactivated prepaid sim?

I bought a prepaid SIM card on February last year and I used it until May when I left Australia to travel for a year. My phone was stolen while travelling but not my SIM card so I bought a new phone and tried to recover/open my accounts (Google, Bank, Mail) but it asked me for a code that was sent to my aussie number. I never recieved it so I checked it and my SIM number was deactivated on November. Is there any way to recover my number? I need it because I can't access to the backups of my phone.


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Trusted Contributor

Re: Can I recover my deactivated prepaid sim?

You are highlighting a current flaw in the system, where mobile companies own your phone number, and it has no permanence.


You might be able to buy your number back from the pit, if you contact chat.

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Crowd Champion caaf
Crowd Champion

Re: Can I recover my deactivated prepaid sim?

Hi there,


You have six months after your last recharge to keep the number and sim active. After that period the sim is then deactivated permanently and the number goes into a 6 month quarantine period. Generally you still can normally retrieve it back but you'll need a new Optus sim and the direct interaction for a Optus representative. You being OS will certainly make it hard as Optus nor any other telco (as far as I know) send sims OS.

Cheers Dave

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Can I recover my deactivated prepaid sim?

@Nadia1, @caaf is spot on.


As long as your number originally belonged to Optus (not ported in from another provider) we should be able to reactivate the number. The easiest solution is to ask a friend or family member to purchase a $2.00 Optus Prepaid SIM card. You'd then need them to quote the SIM card number and send it through to a consultant.


We'll then be able to activate the new SIM card with your old mobile number. It sounds like you're going to need the SIM card in order to retrieve the code. The only option would be to have them post it out to you.

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