Age restriction settings for WiFi

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Hi there, I want to put age restrictions especially +18 shows to be restricted from my Wifi.

How to do that???


Re: Age restriction


The Sagem does not support such features. These are advanced features not available on most ISP supplied routers.

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Re: Age restriction

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You might perhaps check out openDNS, which is free. Note that the limitations will apply to all household members connected to the internet at home.


Alternatively I currently use the Google Wifi. It replaces your wifi with google wifi (and you can install multiple units around the house to improve reception everywhere). Its pretty much plug and play. It has a good Family Mode that is set by device (so you can set a kids phone to use it, while yours doesn't). Also handy is timed and manual ability to turn connections off completely by device (so wifi goes away at 9pm for the kids every night, yours doesn't)


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