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Adding services to My Account


I am trying to Add Services that I have with Optus to My Account.


When following your solution after I have Loged into My Account, I cannot find "Your Services" & "Add a Service" anywhere, that has been suggested to others who have had this issue.


I only have 1 service starting with account #621 when I login. I want to add 2 more services starting account #621 and add 1 account starting with 8.


Is there another way to Add a Service or has it changed? 




Re: Adding services to My Account


The account starting #8 is in a different billing system, and I don't think it's supported in 'My Optus' any longer since they moved or started moving everyone over to Jarvis.


Your best bet, would be to chat to Optus and get them to take a look at the MyAccount back end and add the missing services since you have advised you weren't able too.

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Re: Adding services to My Account


Ha... Jarvis. Yeah just might have to end up ringing Optus to help. Thanks.

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