Add New Mobile Service to Existing My Account - Not Working


Hi all, 


I recently transferred my Virgin postpaid mobile service over to Optus. I already have an NBN service with Optus, so have an existing My Account login. I want to add the mobile phone service to this My Account login, but when I go to the "Add a Service" section, it tells me the account number I'm trying to add is ineligible for My Account. 


I'm a bit confused... Does anyone know how I can link these two together? I really don't want to have two separate logins. 



Re: Add New Mobile Service to Existing My Account - Not Working


Hi @chloemackie


We might need to go in and link the service from the back-end. By any chance, do the NBN and mobile account numbers differ? 

For example, does one begin with a 62 and the other an 8 or 9


I'd suggest Live Chat for this one. Give them your existing My Account login email and ask them to link the mobile service to that account. It's very straight forward, there shouldn't be an issue.


Personal → Mobile → General & Billing 


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