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Occasional Contributor Nellemk
Occasional Contributor

80gb sim only contract mix up


 I very recently upgraded my 12month sim only plan as the 80gb one became available for the same price im already paying. I upgraded because who doesn't want more bang for their buck. And as someone with loved ones overseas and who often travels, its the perfect plan. 


However, the upgrade went smoothly but on receiving my confirmation email Optus has locked me into a 24month contract for the deal instead of a 12month. Meaning at the end of 12months, if a better deal becomes available, i will be prevented from upgrading my plan if i chose to do so. I have not purchased or rented a phone on the contract, its sim only, i already own my own phone outright. So what happens now if in a years time a better deal comes along? As i only signed up for 12 month sim only plan which usually is ongoing but not locked in after the first 12 months, can i change my service or do i have to live with another optus mistake?


I have taken screen shots of the plan i purchased so the situation can be rectified next year if something else comes along.

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Re: 80gb sim only contract mix up

That would be the $50 12 month sim only plan WITH 20% discount lasting 24 months aka 1 year after your contract if you want to stay on it. 

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