very poor coverage at home


I have recently moved into a new home in Boondall, QLD.  The Optus coverage map tells me that indoors voice and text is marginal, but email and internet are great.  This info is very wrong - indoors at my home I have no coverage what-so-ever.  No voice, no email, no internet.  I have to go outside to get any kind of service and it is still very poor.  Toggling the dates in the coverage map shows no changes in the future.


My wife is with Telstra and has fantastic coverage anywhere in the home.


According to, the nearest Optus tower is less than half a Km away, and another two shared towers close by also.  This is a Brisbane metro area suburb so its not like I am out in the bush or something like that.  What advice can Optus give me on this matter?  Am I better off cancelling my contract and moving to another carrier if Optus cannot give the service coverage?


Re: very poor coverage at home


Optus will generally end any mobile contracts without penalty if the receptionin your home area is bad. I would certainly be requesting that given what you've mentioned.


Peter Gillespie

Re: very poor coverage at home


I have the almost identical issue.  My mobile only has a signal in certain parts of the house (lucky me!) but not where I want to use it of course.  Telstra coverage is marvellous.  I too am in a suburban area and close to Optus towers.  I was on chat to Optus support this week and they had me go into the DSL router and change a setting from Auto to a channel number.  I asked if this would make everything better... they of course told me a resounding YES!  Suffice to say, nothing has improved.  I suppose I should be thankful that at least I can send messages and talk and receive messages etc but it isn't really good enough is it?  Have you been in touch with Optus to see what they can do for you?  Any luck or progress?

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