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port cancelling request to optus, Because they didnt process my order in as long as 7 days.

So, I wanted to switch to optus from vodafone. But the request was not processed even after 7 days by optus, even after vodafone accepting the port immidiately as optus reauested. 


So, I though better I cancel my port with the ineffecifient optus team. To cancel my port it has been as long as 2 weeks now. Every one i call say I have escalated matter to high level. Sales and Customer care put it at port department. Port department put it at IT department. I have all the chat transcripts. Also I have called and spoken to Optus many times for this matter, al most everyday.


Why optus is so rigid and so stubborn, still not able to cancel the port request when I asked them to. how long should it take for this. Due to this my telstra service is on hold which I wanna port because its not possible by optus to do.


What should I do?

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Trusted Contributor

Re: port cancelling request to optus, Because they didnt process my order in as long as 7 days.

You've caused a lot of extra trouble by trying to port to Telstra from Vodafone with an existing port in progress from Vodafone to Optus. This causes database records to lock and requires a tonne of additional work to undo the mess you've created through impatience.


Your best bet is to log a complaint with Optus online via and let them respond to you. If you are still dissatisfied then you have the right to escalate it to the TIO directly. But please understand heading into the XMAS NEW YEAR period, you won't get an immediate and quick result with the TIO as they are quite back logged with people who refuse to accept they are the last stop not the first one.

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