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Govetts Leap Road, Blackheath NSW 2785

A year and a half ago I bought a Doro Seniors Phone from Optus. Before doing so I checked the Optus on-line reception map for my house.  It showed excellent reception externally and very good indoors (3 stars and 2 stars) This proved to be the case until late last year.  The reception has now gone indoors and I have to go down the driveway or in the garden to get contact.  Yet your current map is still showing the same results as the day I bought the phone.  My neighbours have the same trouble.  What has gone wrong?

Re: poor reception at home


It seems everyone having issues with Optus reception and still Optus doesn't give a crap about it  for instance, I live in Bexley 2207 NSW, I used to get full 4G service about four years ago but all of a sudden reception started to drop now I just get 1 bar on freaking slow 3G and can't receive or make calls at all  i have contacted Optus about it numerous times and they always come up with the same excuse that there is no fault reported and that the coverage map shows full 4G Coverage in my area,i just lost faith on Optus  good luck, you gonna need it..

Re: poor reception at home


Are there any new large structures popped up in the neighhood? 


How are the reception at other locations?

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Re: poor reception at home


Sorry for late reply mate, no new buildings just poor reception, I just don't get 4 streets up the road where I live I can get full 4G service, going outside my building I just manage to get 1 single 4G bar, thanks for the repply mate, good luck on your side. 

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