network issues


I am facing network issues since more than 2 weeks. I can't call customer service or anyone without my network. WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO DOO?

Re: network issues

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Mobile I assume? So hop on the internet and use Optus LIVECHAT.


Otherwise drop into a Optus store and see what they can do to help.


Peter Gillespie

Re: network issues


Appreciate your help! 

 I have spoken to optus agent through LIVE CHAT they tried everything, network reset, re triggering, etc. Also, i have changed my sim card twice with same number. Whenever i go optus store the phone works well because they might be having good network and boosters in store. So they are not paying much attention. I m soo stuck ;( 

Re: network issues


Are you just having trouble in the one location i.e. at home?

Did the person you chatted to check if the coverage at the address, check if there are any network outages? 

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