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New Contributor EgyBlind
New Contributor

dile number from pc

hello dears


i need you help, or guide to another forum / site if this not specilist in this request.

i'm working from home, as i'm visually impaired using a screen-reader, my task mainly calling big number of people from excel sheet dayly, so i use mobile phone to dile numbers

i need to dile those numbers throw computer (wndows) and talk throw pc headphone or even separate one.

so which device i need for this task and software? and could i link it to dile directly when click on cell which contain telephone number instad of dile it manual?

 thanks very much for your support.

appologize for any mestakes.






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RetiredModerator Toomey

Re: dile number from pc

Thanks for reaching out! I'm not aware of any equipment that Optus sells to perform this task I'm afraid.


If you are making the calls from a PC, you can copy/paste the number from excel into the calling program and plug a headset/mic straight into the computer. Most Windows PCs will also have voice-to-text so you can say the number for it to dial.


Hope this helps 🙂

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