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Howdy yes-peeps


Some months ago a coverage dead spot suddenly appeared in our kitchen, and since then it has been growing progressively larger and spreading into other rooms.


The obvious solution was to enable wifi calling on our mobiles (my wife's iPhone SE and my Samsung S8 - both supplied by Optus).


[A friendly note: I have read copious details on enabling this feature on these mobiles & am not seeking information on how to do this - both phones have been displaying their "wifi calling" icons for months.]


Despite a fair amount of tinkering with our home network, neither of us have never been able to discern any difference in call quality or stability. Today I took some measurements from my router before and after some particularly lousy quality calls - lo and behold, not a single byte moved, confirming my suspicion that this feature is simply not working on our network (notworkSmiley Frustrated?).


I have three theories at present:

  1. Optus needs to flip a switch to provision this feature on our services (less likely, I think)
  2. I need to change something to my router to make it work (more likely)
  3. I need a new router (I hope not).

I'm aware that:

  • wifi calling requires ip-sec pass-through to be enabled
  • my router does not have an ip-sec pass-through box to tick
  • most routers can achieve the same result by means of some port forwarding and QoS jiggery-pokery.

From what I've read, the critical details needed to get this working are the IP address(es) used by Optus for wifi calling and port forwarding requirements (500 UDP seems pretty standard, but there may be others). But I'm no expert and I don't know what I don't know.


If any of you nice people can give me a steer on this before our house disappears in the dead spot, my wife and I will be your new besties.


Thanks heaps, team



Re: Wifi calling - router configuration


Unfortunately I don't have the details but.. I have had no issue using my optus mobile broadband to provide wifi for my note 8 so it can use wifi calling.

Optus mobile broadband uses cgnat so no public ip nor and form of port forwarding.

Actually.. Scrap that idea (hotspot one and connect other phone via hotspot to test.) 


Edit: Have a look here, lots of settings

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Re: Wifi calling - router configuration


Many thanks for your prompt response, Paddylee - thanks to you, your I now know a little bit more than I did!


Tonite I'll try my hand at some port forwarding using the settings in the data sheet you steered me to - fingers crossed that will be enough for me to add you to our Xmas card list.





Re: Wifi calling - router configuration


Unfortunately, simply opening the ports listed in that doc didn't do the trick - but thanks heaps for taking the time to read my post & rolling up your sleeves on this, @Paddylee!





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