Wifi Dropouts after NBN


So I’m getting alerts from Optus on my mobile phone because I’ve used more than half my data for the month and I’ve got another 10 days to go (so hopefully not a problem) but the problem is that most of my data is being used AT HOME because my wifi on my phone drops out every 5 minutes. When I do manage to get wifi, it’s slow and unreliable. We changed to NBN some months ago and have had no end of trouble. Optus, why should I pay for using all this mobile data on my phone when we are supposed to have rapid, reliable home internet?? (that we pay for). I don’t want the run-around. I don’t want to be shifted from one customer service rep to another, I don’t want to be put on hold for half of the day, I just want a service that we pay for and I want it fixed. 

Re: Wifi Dropouts after NBN


If you want it fixed, you need to speak to Optus. The yes crowd aren’t technical support who can put in tickets.


can you be more specific on “drop outs”?


what nbn type are you? (Answer can not include Optus nbn but would be FTTx or HFC)

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