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New Contributor Justahumndoctor
New Contributor

WiFi Drop outs

Hey. So I have moved into a recently developed area, with NBN coverage, and mum & I decided to get the unlimited 100mbs dowload speed NBN package. However, this has turned out to be the biggest nightmare since, as you are not providing anything close to 100mbs download speeds, there are frequent drop outs, to which we have contacted you about before. After a 2 hour conversation 3 weeks ago, they said they would send out a tech. to fix the damaged line, and three weeks later, nothing, and still more drop outs. 


Ultimatley, this issue has impacted on me, as it interferes with both mine and mums studies, and has cost me over $50 in excess charges on my mobile due to the frequent drop outs. For example, Ill be connected to the WiFi as soon as I am home (or at uni), Ill watch a khan academy video or some youtube clip, the internet drops out, my data gets used instead. 


Fix this NOW please. Otherwise I will have no choice but to contact the Communications Ombudsman and Consumer Affairs about this issue. We have requested help on multiple occasions to no avail. If you take no action I WILL NOT BE PAYING THE EXCESS DATA USAGE FEES.



Just another shitty customer.

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RetiredModerator PhilC

Re: WiFi Drop outs

Sorry to hear about the issues with your connection, when speaking with our tech team on 131344 or chatting with them live here → a fault reference or PR number would have been provided before we can arrange a tech to come out, if you could please send this number through to us we'd be more than happy to check the status of your report. If you could also PM the internet username here → we'd be happy to check your connection.

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