Why is my download speed a lot slower than speed I got from a speed test?

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So Basically, I ran an internet speed test on my wifi network, and it showed up as 20-25Mbps, and when I check in task manager, it tells me the same thing, but once the internet speed test is done. But when I download files, task manager says the computer is only using around 5 Mpbs to download, so I need to wait hours to download a file that is round 500MBs large.

Can anyone please explain what is going on and what I can do.


Computer: Asus A541U

Processor: Intel Core i7-7500U

Wifi Apadter: Qualcomm Atheros AR956x Wireless Network Adapter



Re: Why is my download speed a lot slower than speed I got from a speed test?

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Speedtest works with a local source of data, which is tested to be the fastest thing around. When you download, you are probably downloading on one thread from an overseas server. Overseas connections can be slow on occasion. Can you use a download manager to make 10 connections? Which server was it?

Re: Why is my download speed a lot slower than speed I got from a speed test?


There are a range of of things that may affect net speeds or your connection to the net. The sort of internet connection you're presently the use of may additionally play a position in net speeds. Examples of internet connections consist of 3G wi-fi or 4G wi-fi, cell, hotspots, modem or dial-up, broadband, DSL (virtual subscriber line), cable, satellite tv for pc, ISDN (included services virtual network), and greater. occasionally, the talents of a internet site or a web network can have an effect on speeds by way of capping off the restrict that internet customers can down load, add, or circulation records. fantastically-trafficked websites can reason your internet connection to run more slowly while visiting that unique domain. If a third party community has these types of net speed obstacles in vicinity, you can now not be able to download or add content material at pinnacle-performing net speeds while travelling that precise internet site. moreover, your private home laptop, computer, pill, or telephone will need to satisfy the minimal device requirements suggested by using a excessive-pace internet service provider. net speeds may also vary primarily based on the configuration and performance of computers, hardware, software, applications and other gadget systems. going for walks more than one devices off the same home network will growth the demand of your house’s net machine and can affect net speeds or internet connection.

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