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New Contributor taiga85
New Contributor

Why do I need to pay for the Data sim when the internet doesnt work....

for past 2 month, the ineternet from Data only sim is on and off, to top it off, im lucky to watch 20 min youtube @ 300ish bitrate, but still takes around 1 hour and 40 min to watch that 20min...


i shouldnt have to pay for a product that does not work, I cant even connect to the optus chat support, whats wrong this company, used to be better then this, why screw things up?


needless to say, my bills should be at halved for the stupid speed im getting.

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Why do I need to pay for the Data sim when the internet doesnt work....

Doesn't sound great @taiga85.


Do you have any other Optus mobile products other than the data SIM card? Do you notice a difference between the connection speed of the two devices?


Based on the information you've given us, it does sound like a coverage issue. What sort of device are you using the SIM with? How many bars worth of signal is shown on the device?


Can you help us with your postcode? We'll confirm what sort of coverage we'd expect in your area. It's important to remember that


any radio-based network, coverage is going to vary in quality and availability. This could be because of your device, how close you are to our nearest mobile tower, or how many people are using the Network where you are. Also, local conditions and things like hills, concrete structures, high-rise buildings, lifts, basements and tunnels may all affect your reception.

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