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Which 4G LTE router supports FDD+TDD hybrid carrier aggregation?

"Aggregating 1x FDD and 2x TDD carriers on a commercial network with a commercial device is a world first for Optus. It is a more efficient use of our spectrum bands, and will provide a more consistent and better experience for our customers," said Dennis Wong, acting managing director of Optus Networks

Optus reached 4G download speeds of 480 Mbps in a test using carrier ... aggregation using 3 LTE TDD channels and 1 LTE FDD channel.

Just curious which 4G LTE router supports this kind of mixed carrier aggregation?

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Re: Which 4G LTE router supports FDD+TDD hybrid carrier aggregation?

Well that article you have quoted that from is from 2015 so things have progressed.


Most high end phones support this, in regards to a router - Pretty sure the Huawei 525 should do 1800FDD + 2300TDD, though I have the older E5186 and it will only do 2 x 2300TDD at once and not a combination.


My Netgear 800s wifi router will do 2x2300TDD & either 700 or 1800FDD

My Note 8 will do 5 different bands at once if it can get them.

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