Weak coverage in Carnegie area.


Hi, I just moved to Carnegie from the city with a 12-month sim only contract. While the city had exceptional internet speed, in Carnegie it is quiet the opposite. Whats the issue? 


Download speeds dropped from 80Mbps to 4Mbps

Re: Weak coverage in Carnegie area.


You need to remember that everywhere will perform differently with Mobile Broadband, especially between the city and the suburbs. In the city you'll have a tonne of Microcells serving the area, in building taking the load and much much more coverage options. 


In the suburbs (ie: Carnegie), you have a concentration of users without the concentration of hosting cell sites.


Using the Service Status tool, did you check if there was any problems in your area?


What device?

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Re: Weak coverage in Carnegie area.


The Service Status Tool said that there were no problems in my area, and no one from the Yes Crowd answered my question. 


I understand the performances changes from place to place, but this is a drastic drop and it is quite annoying. I just began my plan and it would be too expensive now to cancel it. 


What is another solution?

Re: Weak coverage in Carnegie area.


This is not something that we can currently assist with here on the forum. 

If you have a social media account, please send a PM to Optus on Facebook or a DM on Twitter with the details. 

If not, please chat with us.  

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