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Very poor reception at home


I've posted this question before but I forgot to reply the Optus staff's message, so I just put it here again.


Hi Optus and guys,


I moved to Lewis Ave at Rhodes from Sydney City last month, and I just found the mobile phone reception is very poor in my home. It has 0 out of 5 signal bars on the 4G network in my living room, only 1 in my bedroom, and only 2 even on the balcony. Now I have to stay on WCDMA/GSM network. I've tried Optus WIFI-talk but it seems useless... Is there any solution to the poor reception at home like this?



Also, is it possible to transfer my number to other operators without breach my phone contract, as I think the poor reception is not my fault?




Re: Very poor reception at home


Hey Ray, I've just replied to your DM!


Re: Very poor reception at home


Rhodes seems to be having some issues (See below). 


Several towers are being upgraded and one has some specific fault.


Hopefully these are the cause of your problem and will improve (No timelines on the issue though).


You can ask to end the contract with no reception at home. See what they say.




Peter Gillespie




Re: Very poor reception at home


Thanks Peter! I've contacted Optus and they are now on my issue. Cheers~

Re: Very poor reception at home


I have the same problem! no signal inside the flat !

Re: Very poor reception at home


At last, I decided to cancel my contract and ported to Telstra.

Since I've moved out from that apartment, I'm not sure whether reception coverage back to normal or not at that area.

Re: Very poor reception at home


@yass11, just a quick heads up!


I've replied back to your comment on thread → You're welcome to chat with us there. 


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