Very poor reception at home


Hi Optus and guys,


I moved to Lewis Ave at Rhodes from Sydney City last month, and I just found the mobile phone reception is very poor in my home. It has 0 out of 5 signal bars on the 4G network in my living room, only 1 in my bedroom, and only 2 even on the balcony. Now I have to stay on WCDMA/GSM network (as shown in phone Settings) to get full reception. Is there any solution to the poor reception at home like this?


Also, is it possible to transfer my number to other operators without breach my phone contract, as I think the poor reception is not my fault?




Re: Very poor reception at home


Hi @rayyyyy - Thanks for reaching out to us. Sorry to hear of your coverage issues Smiley Sad I'd be happy to check this out for you and see if there will be any improvements in the near future. Depending on how bad the coverage is we can look into a coverage release, that being said we will need to take a further look. Could you please send through your full address including the house number, through via a private message?

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