Unlock sagemcom 3864 modem


Hi, I have a modem Sagemcom 3864 which I got it from my friend. Can I use this modem to connect other service provider ? How do I know it's locked or not. Every time I try to connect it showing connect to optus. 

Re: Unlock sagemcom 3864 modem


do you already have an active internet connection at your location? don't think the modem is lock, but i could be wrong. are you seeing the modem's setup page with "connecting to optus" or can't connect to the internet and only see the optus's website?

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Re: Unlock sagemcom 3864 modem


Yes I agree. Try Unticking the 'Connecting to Optus' check box. If your are using ADSL2+ (PPPoE), you would need your alternative ISP's allocated email address and password for connection. If you are using NBN (IPoE), you generally would not to enter any log-in to ISP credentials - you will need to verify custom settings published by your alternative ISP/RSP provider to confirm what information they are expecting from your modem.

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