Unable to text a New Zealand mobile on 2 Degrees

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Hi, in recent days I have returned from an overseas trip to NZ and have identified and experienced an inability to effectively communicate via mobile with my spouse who is staying on there for a further 6 weeks.


We have been able to communicate for a number of years between my previous  Optus provided Samsung Pre-Paid G3 series handset and sending SMS data between that unit and directly to her personal mobile and  whilst in NZ she uses a local 2 Degrees SIM for local coverage there,


Unfortunately, this functional ability has now been compromised and so far all attempts for her to recieve my SMS traffic via my recently purchased and Optus provided Samsung J2 Pro G4 Android mobile have failed.


The only thing that I am wondering is this directly due to either:-


1. The network coverage previously provided and enjoyed is no longer available or...

2. The selected new plan chosen with the purchase of the updated phone is not compatiable with needing to send SMS data to that NZ network.


Comments are invited, please.

Re: Loss of coverage

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For now, just install WhatsApp on both your phones.


Peter Gillespie 

Re: Loss of coverage


An odd situation and a good temporary solution suggested by Peter.

Assuming you're sending it to the number in it's correct international format? e.g. +64 xxx 

What actually happens, do you get an error message or it appears to be sent from your end but your spouse never receives it?
Can you arrange for a family member, friend, etc. who is also with Optus using a different handset to send a text to see if she gets it?

Alternatively/additionally, are you able to try and send a text to another person on the NZ 2 Degrees network?

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