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UPnP issues on mobile hotspot


I am having issues using my mobile hotspot to play games online on Xbox. The Xbox is able to connect to the hotspot easily, however the xbox reports that "UPnP not successful" and shows I have a moderate NAT Type. 

The Xbox can still do downloads at normal speeds but playing games online is impossible as it has a terrible ping (400ms and up). This supposedly isn't an issue for a family member of mine who also uses their mobile hotspot but can play online with no matchmaking issues. 

I'm wondering if there is anyway to fix this UPnP issue and to be able to use my hotspot on the xbox with no issues.



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Respected Contributor

Re: UPnP issues on mobile hotspot

Most mobile services don't have public IP addresses (they have private IPs by way of CGNAT) which usually means you can't get open NAT.

UPnP and matchmaking doing work fully behind CGNAT because they rely on you having a public IP address.

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