There's no signal in my room


Hi there,

I joined to the Optus jsut couple months ago.

From the date when I joined, I have gotten a problem with Signal

I never call to someone in my room because of signal

Actually there's signal for LTE but when I'm calling, the signal just disappeared.

Due to no signal, I can't receive any call from someone in my room

what should I do??

I'm using sim only plan for 12 Months

Even my place is not apartment. It just house and located at sunnybank in Brisbane.


Can I cancel the Optus plan without any panalty because of signal?


Re: There's no signal in my room


Optus are generally open to this. They have a 30 day no questions asked option to do just that although you've waited a while longer. Contact Optus live chat and see what they say 


Peter Gillespie

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