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New Contributor

Terrible 4g connection in Gaythorne 4051

I just signed up for optus 4g home broadbad, and also got a deal to switch my phone to optus too. At home, on my phone, I get 0.8mbps and sometime all the way upto 50mbps. On the home broadband modem, I get as low as 1.2mbps, and as high as 23 mbps. That latter value is higher than my TPG adsl2+'s 14mbps but at least the adsl2+ is consistant and reliable. I took the modem back to the shop to cancel my plan but was told to give it a few days to improve as there may be some outage at a tower or so for maximum 72 hours maybe. So i listened and am only going to wait 3 days maximum before going back and asking to get a refund.


My phone connection also only shows One bar for connection, always.


I even purchased a 4g antenna yesterday from jaycar electronics, went into the modem settings and set antenna to external. Absolutely no difference in speed. Luckily jaycar said i can return it if it does nothing for me...


Is anyone around the 4051 area experiencing/ always experiences issues with connection with optus?


Here is a speed test result, absolutely horrendous:



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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Terrible 4g connection in Gaythorne 4051

Hi chupacabra,

Just in case you weren't aware, customers can check for outages at anytime by visiting our Network Coverage Map and clicking on the tab.

There isn't a reported issue there at the moment, a nearby tower at Alderley is undergoing maintenance which is planned to end this week.

It sounds like you originally signed up at the store? Usually checking the network at your address is done as part of the sign up process.

You can read more about the Optus Coverage Commitment on our website.

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