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New Contributor Loril3
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Spotify Streaming


I was just wondering about Spotify streaming. With Optus My Prepaid Ultimate Monthly it says that spotify streaming is free and doesn't require data, but my spotify has been using my data. I dont have anything set to download on data


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Occasional Contributor PeppersGhost
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Re: Spotify Streaming

I have the same issue - and my service is activated. I'm currently on the Live Chat with 'Carlton' - who has just informed me that Spotify Premium is NOT included in the data free streaming!! He reckons that only the free Spotify service is eligible - is this absolute nonsense or what??

Would be interested in someone from Optus reviewing this, and maybe having a chat with Carlton...?

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RetiredModerator Toomey

Re: Spotify Streaming

Hey guys, sorry for the confusion here. Full terms and conditions are available here → Music Streaming.


The only usage that isn't included is if you download music to the device. You also need to make sure "Automatic" quality is selected. (Check FAQs via link above for more info)


Confusion is often caused when checking data usage via the Optus App. It will show your Spotify usage in the Data Breakdown because this included billed and unbilled usage, but the actually usage won't be deducted from your quota.

There is a disclaimer at the bottom of the Data Breakdown page that explains this also.


Hope this helps!

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