Speed on 4G halved


It seems that for some reason the Optus tower at Nareling Hill, Lot 7754 Great Eastern Highway (off 5 Mile Tank Rd) KELLERBERRIN WA 6410 (ID 6410001)  has halved it's speed on the eastern side. Tried a broadband SIM at home and noticed the speed has halved, from 25Mbps to 12Mbps or less. Many test over many mornings, late night, and various time during the day and no change, 12Mbps download.

It was a OVO sim i used and always got arround 25Mbps over 2 x 50Gb recharges.

Now tring to use a Optus Mobile Broadband SIM and can only get 12Mbps.

Took sim to town , about 2K's from tower. Again, would not go much above 12Mbps. So going from 21K to 2K's  from the tower and no improvements in download. But uploads went from 5Mbps to 18Mbps.

I do not beloieve it is congestion because there has been no sudden influx to town.  How does one report a tower problem. Calling is not a way for me as hearing is not the best.

Thank you.

Re: Speed on 4G halved


Hi @doodli, you can report an issue via Live Chat wither via the My Optus App or via the PC link here → 

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