Slow internet 3 days ago whilst gaming .


Hi I play World of Tanks up until 3 days ago I cant anymore. It just drops out and I get massive latency throughout gaming and browsing sites. Please advise. I can hotspot of my phone and evrything is fine. My PC is fine . Its my ISP.

Re: Slow internet 3 days ago whilst gaming .



I was saying the game is fine of the hotspot from mobile. But When I use my home wifi to connect through pc it just lags and boots me off. I found a post with numerous similar circumstances (link above) My wifi adapter im using is sweet when I run with my hotspot from phone . I upgraded from my usb ac53 to ASUS PCE-AC68 802.11ac. It was running imacculately pings were awesome so much better. But 3 days ago its just started dropping out. Like just the net itself and few sites I was visiting ebay etc . Its recorded at optus as I called them to see if they had any outages in area was really weird. Suprisingly now all sites work now its just the game itself. I checked firewalls but everythiing is checked off correctly to allow to run. I will try run as administrator. 

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