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Although loath to suggest it on a Optus site, you are correct that your only other viable option is the other cable provider.


The Optus cable network is IMO being steadily degraded. More customers, More unlimited/Netflix data and it is due to be scrapped completely in the next year or so. Officially, Optus no doubt are working hard to improve the 'cable experience' but this tends to translate into "Optus are aware of an issue on the network. There is no available timeframe on a fix..."


The NBN will mean every RSP can offer cable (historic) speeds (best reason to look to not be tied to ISP email services). Till then your only other option is cable provide No 2. Historically they've been a mixed bag, but they have been working hard IMO to start working with the NBN in transitioning and of course their cable network is being upgraded, not scrapped. Optus appear to be moving on this direction at last but is still having a time of it IMO.


As your first post said. It would seem you are not going to get the service levels you want/are paying for. You don't have the resources (who does?) to force a comprehensive settlement (not saying you're right BTW, just aggrevied). The TIO and Optus would both see exiting your contract as a reasonable outcome. It might be time to act dispationately and cut the cord?


Either way there is a big change less than 12 months out which while not here yet is a pretty good thing to know things aren't going to stay as they are indefinitely.


Good Luck, Sorry I couldn't offer more concrete options.

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When Optus raised its rates by 50% then slows down its internet speed and tries to block free public domain websites it is Optus who should be paying its customers for the right to operate in Australia.

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I too have just been severly dissappointed.

Bought a 4G Optus sim for a D-Link DWR-921.

Speedtest 14 down / 3.6 up.

The client I was hoping to help and put them on a permanent Optus monthly contract to solve their current ADSL2 Telstra connection would be worse off.


The Telstra connection they have is 18/0.9

I went home to test and got wildly varying results.

13.3/4.2 then 4.6/22 and a few minutes ago 1.18 / 0.28


That's ridiculous.

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Funny that others don't find the Network slow. guess everyone is over complaining and just accepts that it is like the old dial up even though we pay a premium now.  I pay for a NBN connection, Netflix and Foxtel subscriptions and receive a stuttered mumbo jumbo connection that can hardly make sense of a movie. What a sham this all is.


Re: Slow Network


Please visit our Troubleshooting help and support page.

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