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Just called Optus and spoke to an Aussie... Linux Engineer too.. x- as there sweet (F){ all work out there... He mad a change.. now i'm getting 40mbps.....

Just need to speak to the right person.,...LEGEND!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Slow Network


Seems like an emotional roller coaster.


One of the biggest issues with Optus support (after getting hold of it) seems to be the variability in capability and information given . Everyone's trying to help but it seems like a bit of pot luck. On the plus side if you do get a response you don't like you can often call back and get a different one.


Thanks for letting us know its worked out.




Peter Gillespie

Re: Slow Network


trust me, you waisting your time with Optus. They are simply overloaded and will not resolve your issue. The TIO Ombudsman is just as bad. they do not have the legal clout to force Optus to fix your problem especially if the network is overloaded.


Good luck


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trust me when I say this , the TIO (Ombudsman) cannot do anything when it comes to Telco slow networks and false advertising.


Optus know this full well. Your options are to live with it or as optus will tell you, find another provider. Ombudsman will say the same, PS. they are both just as bad as one another.


We have cable and have till about five years ago had around 70-100MB day and night. For the last 5 years we get aboout 20- 35 MBS with interuptions down to 5MBS in the day and 1,2MB-2.7MB at nite, yes I say again we get the old Dial up speed, incredible in these time.


We all know it is due to overloading in particular each supberb or area has a certain number of NODES which OPTUS promised to upgrade 5 years ago by intsalling more. We are still hearing the same excuses and promises.


I have kept a Log of all calls to optus which equates to 82 hours of phone time with an averrage hold time of 47 minutes per call over a 4 year period. I must be obsessed.


We pay the premium rate for 100MBs which they are happy to take the money and also continue to advertise fast connections which I claim is false advertising. Everytime we complain we get a credit, then the speed goes up a little as I am to believe they have the ability to increase the bandwidth, then afeter a couple days, it sneaks back down again.


One would say why dont we move on to another provider, well on principle I wont, we have a business from home which all our emails are linked under which we would have to change and then notify everyone we know who have used our email for the past 14 years that we have changed, then there is the changing of printed stationary etc etc. not an option.


I have looked at Telstra and they are no better, so where do we go?


Only way we can get a substatial financial payout for 5 years of communication hell would be to sue them, but this takes money and they know this Or form a class action which is viable but how do you get one going.


Anyway I have had my dumy spit for now, and optus I hope you read this and pass it onto your CEO as the top of the Management chain are the only ones to blame, and I bet they have all got great connection speeds.


OI OI OI sort your business committment out OPTUS

Re: Slow Network


@swaziau, you’ve been paying a premium for the speed package for the past five years but speeds rarely hit above 2.7Mbps during peak hours of usage? Depending on your rate plan, you could be paying an additional $30.00 per month for the speed pack.,


When you've contacted us in the past, we never offered to remove the speed package for you or apply a $0.00 version of the pack? All service data is readily available.


The slight speed increase after calling up really does sound coincidental. No such tool exists on our end.


A customer's experience with cable will vary from suburb to suburb. There are a ton of customers out there still receiving speeds of above 50Mbps.


We have access to the following:


  • Total throughput from the node,
  • average connection speeds between peak and off-peak hours.
  • Node congestion

If we've identified service congestion then we'll offer you a credit or offer to release you from contract. When you leave Optus, we'll organise an interim mail box. The associated email addresses will remain active for a period of 90 days.


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Re: Slow Network


Quite the saga @swaziau


I'm not sure what principle you are holding on to? There's a [paraphrased] saying "Treat me badly once shame on you, Treat me badly twice shame on me". You seem to accept that getting a satisfactory resolution is beyond your means, yet remain committed to continue to be treated poorly. There's another saying about doing the same thing again and again and hoping the outcome will be different...


FWIW the TIO is empowered to direct Optus to fulfil their contractual obligations, but in many cases if its a hard fix Optus will just seek to end the contract and both parties can go their seperate ways. From the TIO's point of view this a legal resolution to the issue. The TIO can also order compensation but from the issues you've mentioned it would be a murky process, especially as compensation has been provided for many specific complaints already.


I would definitely start migrating to a non Optus mail provider (I recommend this to to every customer on every ISP). Its not hard to do if you currently have the Optus account active. GMail offers much better capability (storage limits, spam filtering, account recovery, 2 factor authentication, can use with any ISP etc.). Set gmail to grab your optus accounts. Flag with a rule in gmail which ones are coming via optus. Set a rule to auto reply that uysers shold change to your new email address. After a few months you should find 90%+ of emails comming to the new address and you can manually tell the last 10% to get sorted. 


If its a business account I don't know if its worth just getting a $60 Optus residential service and parking your emails in that (you can transfer the addresses across)


You don't make it clear if you are on the NBN (or when you will be?). If so then you have some great options. Optus cable is pretty much on its last legs IMO. Its been flooded with many more people on unlimited accounts watch Netflix. Optus has known for years it will be junked completely around 2020 and so IME what once was a top service is now slowly crumbling. My own cable speeds hit about 3Mbps each evening in peak hour these days.


Let me know about the NBN and I can possibly recommend options.




Peter Gillespie

Re: Slow Network


There is a saying; Life is really simple, but Optus insists on making it complicated.


your proposal is not an option and does not address the real issue (speed) Principles are the basis of  who I am, being treated badly is not what this is about and not one to paraphrase, we could go on counter acting with paraphrases as a cope out. Optus is breaking the law, simple as that, and there is no Other Telco Option Available and TIO cannot do anything about it. 


I would move my email account in a heart beeat for decent internet and coms speed, but why move if there is no option.


You refer to gmail! That does not resolve my requirements for fast download, secondly I work for a global fortune 500 global company from a home office, where webex is a daily and evening requirement requiring a decent connection with HQ and USA, China.

Not being able to view and engage in basic PP and video presentations along with lagging coms is not acceptable and certainly a service not offered by gmail and an option our company would certainly not approve.


Then there is my personal email account and yes I could move it, pretty easy, which still leaves us with the inability to benefit from the modern day streaming movies, downloads and uploading videos which is not a gmail option and nor one that another Telcos could improve on but you seem to know of a few that would be an improvement on Optus.


My wife is a PT working from home and for example cannot upload Training videos to her website and most frustrating our ICloud backups cannot be completed due to very slow internet and drop outs. The list goes on. We use our hotspot a hell of a lot which again is an added cost to our Mobile accounts.


So if you have a solution other than Paraphrasing I would like to hear it. I’m sue there is a lot of users that would benefit on a solution





Re: Slow Network


Dan, not sure what you saying hear. This is the usual response given . It does not address the legalities of Optus failing to meet its promise where there is a real need for a Class Action legal challenge by the masses to make Optus Accountable instead of focusing on the profits.


you state “total thuput from the Node”, but I don’t get it.


Optus identifies 5 years ago the need to increase the Nodes in my area and every year they say they will do it. Get my point.


promoting A high quality product and service, taking the money and then delivering the opposite is fraudulent. 


Like saying to a patient who is terminal, we have the only cure  but sorry, not for you. If you don’t like it, go find someone else.


not very Australian 

Re: Slow Network

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There is a saying; Life is really simple, but Optus insists on making it complicated.


Um, no there isn't? Smiley Indifferent 


I can only try offer alternatives to issues as you've raised them. You've mentioned 'principles' but I don't think they apply to this simple business transaction. You've mentioned Optus email accounts which I've given some options to resolve.


I can't make the internet go faster for you but I have asked a question that might provide some alternatives. If you could answer that?




Peter Gillespie

Re: Slow Network


We are on cable and there is no NBN planned for our area

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