Slow 4g Coverage


I've just moved to Joondanna in Perth, previously lived in Mount Hawthorn (literally a 4 min drive between suburbs). Since moving my Optus 4g Coverage is basically non existent. It was always fine in my previous house. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S9. My partner is with Telstra and his phone data is working perfectly. Why has my data speed changed so drastically? it's pain stackingly slow. Any help would be greatly appreciated Smiley Happy 


Re: Slow 4g Coverage


You could have just hit a blackspot unfortunately. 


The good news is, Optus have a coverage guarantee that will let you out of your contract with no fee's if you need. Best to speak to tech support to see if there are any issues that they can help with first and then you can discuss your options. Keep in mind while they'll let you out of your contract without any fee's, there's still your phone costs you'd need to sort out. I think you can buy it out or return it but they'll talk you through that anyway.

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