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Contributor BeefJerky

Signal dropping



I live in Bowraville, NSW 2449 and am connected to the Congarinni Nth site of the postcode 2447. Recently I've noticed that the signal will completely stop, whilst in complete sight of the tower and in areas where the signal is usally great. Whilst at home this isn't a big issue for me as I have Wi-Fi Calling, other Optus users in the house who don't have it, drop calls. This also happens outside of the house, again in sight of the tower and is much more inconvenient. 


There were issues with the site in the early stages after it went online back in 2016 where I spoke with the Optus case management team regarding it and it's been fine since. This is a new problem that is consistently happening. It could be an issue with the tower it is microwave linked to, but nonetheless it is affecting my service here.


Any assistance you could provide would be most appreciated.


*And no, I haven't called the faults team because they will just tell me my phone is the problem or how there is a maintenance going on when there really isn't.


Cheers, Blake.

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Trusted Contributor

Re: Signal dropping

This happened to our tower on 3G, after a storm went through around Christmas. Phones got 0-1 bar, and the RSCP went from -82 to -96 or -106. My modem on an antenna still said 5 bars, but it was wrong.


Your tower has 4G 700Mhz. Keep an eye on whether 4G is working well.


There is an outage tab on the Optus coverage map. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to report one, like you can with Telstra. We found that the local optus shop work best. But you could also try logging a fault with the chat tab that pops up on the coverage map. They are specialists.