Sagemcom FTTN Wifi no connectivity 6pm to 12am


Hi Guys, I am new to this forum as I have been researching why the Sagemcom 3864 drops Wifi between 6pm to 12am even after rebooting the Router still no Wifi, sometimes even the Ethernet does not connect either. I tried using my Dlink Viper 2900AL first attempt using the Viper as a Residential Gateway and a Bridge to the Sagemcom that did not work. My next attempt was still using Viper as a Residential Gateway and using DHCP by copying the Sagemcom MAC Address with Optus Primary and Seconday DNS Server that did not work either. What step I am missing so I can just use Sagemcom for my cordless phone and Ehternet while using the Viper for Wifi that way I can reduce the dropouts or having solid Wifi connection between 6pm to 12am. I know that the Sagemcom can not be bridged however I need the Sagemcom to use the Cordless phone as the Viper 2900 AL is only FTTP ready not FTTN.


I have NBN FTTN using Speed Boost 50/20, no idea where the Cabinet is all I know is that more than 700M from the Cabinet and FTTN supplys connection to everyone in a 1.6km radious. I know as more and more people in my 1.6km radious decides to have NBN using FTTN which would mean a lot of congestion at night time when Netflix and Youtube is used a lot. I was advised that having the 50/20 mbps speed boost would mean i would have priority to the cabinet what happens when everyone else decides to do the same thing or those on my cabinet can have FFTC what happens then would I be worse off when I was on ADSL2 and being 3.5kms from the exchange? With ADSL2 I did not even any dropouts with only having 3mbps from 6pm to 12am every night I would rather have solid 3mbps than nothing except 4G and that then eats away at my free GBs been allocated to me every month.


I also read up on that all RSPs offering NBN needs to pay so much for CVC for each customer which would mean that congestion plays a major role in my Evening Speed for my Wifi which is nothing from 6pm to 12am as I explained above.


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Hi @SilverWing - just to clarify, is your modem completely losing connectivity to the network between 6pm - 12am, or are you saying that the connection speed runs slowly between those hours? If it's the former it doesn't sound like congestion. Have you been in touch with our Tech Support team to have the line tested?

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Hi there.  Im in the same situation with the viper.......did you get a resolution?  cheers

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Hi Hannah,


I ended up buying a DLink DVA2800 which is NBN Compatible and VOIP the problem I have had is that only way i could get the VOIP to work on the DVA 2800 is that needed SIP info and after going through Tech Support which apparently is in India that no one is allowed to release the SIP Info plus I am certain they would not know what it is anayway. Everyone I spoke to included department heads had no clue what SIP was so they handballed me to Home Premuim Support. I contacted them and they had no clue either and I expected that they only do basic home networking support.


I found a work around solution by accessing Admin settings on the Sagemcom a lot from Whirlpool and some from my own findings. Even though Sagemcom Fast @3864  firmware is 10.33 now, I still worked out what the New Admin password is the problem is that SIP that Optus used to have now changed to ims even though still named SIP in the settings using port 0 for the SIP Registrar the other proxy settings setting still use port 5060 since the DVA 2800 will not accept port 0 could not get the VOIP to work. I ended up sending back to the DVA 2800 and will stick with the Sagemcom for 6 months after that I am moving on to Aussie Broadband who will give out their Sip info and their Tech support knows more about their product.


Optus Tech support is now a joke esp when you talk to them zero carefactor and I know more than they do and Whirlpool members know even more.  


Since been about 1 week now been using the Sagemcom that congestion has not been that bad for my Wi-Fi speeds been about 21mbps from 6pm to 12am. Maybe when others here may of complained about the Node that I am connected to possibly Optus could of bought more CvC. I wont know for certain until everyone in the 1.6km radious of my Node get connected via FTTN or FTTC which is a few streets around me still need Pillars.

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I had the Dlink Viper as well thinking was NBN ready however unless you getting FTTP will not work thats why I bought the DVA 2800 main purpose was for the VOIP.

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