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Sagecome router Wi-Fi troubles

For years I have been able to get by using Telstra ADSL internet connected to my PC using a Belkinn N300 wireless router. This allowed me to have internet access on my TV, Laptop, tablets etc, all of which are at least 7.5 metres from the router. Not fast, but reliable enough. Then the NBN came to town, with promises of fast internet. Beauty, gotta have some of that. Optus were offering good deals with free router (wireless capability) and free connection for new customers. FTTN in our are. I'll take it! So we sign up, router arrives, call & set the time & day to get connected, connection day arrives and we are on! For a couple of hours... So calls are made, promises made, promises broken, but after some anxiety and a visit from the NBN tech who located a couple of faults we finally have a stable connection. At base level, when I had asked the sales person to hook me up with the 50Mbps deal when I first said Yes! So more calls, promises made, promises broken, more calls and we are finally getting something better than baseline speed. But not 50Mbps. Nope. More like 20Mbps or there abouts. So more calls, anxiety, frustration, and finally I have a tech on the line whoseems to know what he is doing. And as part of our conversation reveals, with the current congestion in my area, I will not achieve any better than to 25Mbps level until such time as the local "infrastructure" is changes. So he changes the billing to reflect what I am actually getting, which is a good thing.


That process took the best part of a week & a half. Some would say that was quick, and given some of the horror stories I have read or heard about (and not just with Optus) they are probably right. Personally, I don't really need the frustration - my blood pressure is too high as is without the added stress of dealing with these issues. Anyway, three or four weeks go by with only minor drop-out irritations, which I can handle myself. Wi-Fi is good in most corners of the house, Speed apps on mobiles & tablets routinely yieldin 16 to 21 Mbps, which is way better than the old ADSL throughput. Until the 6th of June. Then the wi-fi dropped to 1.5 to 3 Mbps. How am I supposed to download movies like this? So more phone call, frustration, anger, and finally, resignation to the fact that maybe this is where it's at until that "infrastructure" upgrade kicks in.


But I could not reconcile why the system was working fine one day, and then to basically go belly up the next. The only thing different was that I had received & installed the lates batch of Windows10 updates to my laptop downstairs. On the 6th of June...  Surely that can't be the problem? Could it? Best thing would be to test that theory by turning the wi-fi of on the laptop and then run the speed tests on mobile phone & tablet.


Many tests later, and the results are in. It's the laptop. I am getting between 18 & 22Mbps when it is not connected to the wi-fi, and 0.5 to 3.5Mbps when it is not. So my laptop is hogging all the wi-fi. I don't know why, but I can't dispute the facts. But just to add some further mystery to the mix, my wife's dell laptop has had the same updates installed but is not exhibiting the same behaviour. It is running at around 20Mbps, as are the mobiles & tablets. All working happily together on the dining room table. The TV is connected as well, running between 12.5 & 16.5Mbps, according to foxtel's testing program.


So I thought I would post this, because sometimes it's just too easy to blame the Telco for the problems when it just might be the computer or the operating system that needs to be sorted. And I will be having a chat with my local computer guy about the laptop on Tuesday to see what light he can shed on this peculiar turn of events.  Cheers.


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