SOS only while in NZ



I’ve been in New Zealand 15 hrs and have SOS Only it No Network as my only signal. I can connect to WiFi but would like to send/receive texts. It’s a new iPhone 8. Any help here?


Re: SOS only while in NZ


@Lobsterj, I hope you're having a great trip!


Can you confirm that you'd activated international roaming before leaving for O/S?


If you've activated roaming and you're still seeing an SOS only signal. It might be worth trying a Network reset or manually selecting a NZ carrier to roam with. Try the following:


Settings → General → Reset → Network Reset.




Settings → Service provider → Switch off automatic Network selection → Select an available NZ carrier. 



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Re: SOS only while in NZ


Be aware international roaming can be very expensive. If you have a myplanplus post paid then there's likely some included calls and data. Otherwise a travel pack for $5 or $10 might be worth getting (Find it in the OPtus App).




Peter Gillespie

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