SOS after my services were restored


So this is what happened last Monday my services were restricted due to a over due balance it's my son's phone so I didn't realise it was overdue anyway it was restricted.

So I paid the bill that morning was told the service would be restored in a hour turn the phone on and off a few hours pass and nothing just says SOS 

I get back on chat to see what's happened I'm advised the service is restricted and nothing is outstanding so he offers to restore yes please 4 hours pass and it's still SOS so I try again 

Back on chat the lady tells me the sercser is restored try turning on and off take the Sim out , try it in a different phone all fail I go to tech they run me about do the same at this point I had Power cycled over 30 times still not working I'm told to wait 24 hrs 

24 hrs later 

Still not working so back on chat go in circles for couple hours jumping departments to get told maybe I need a new SIM so they post on out because I live stupid far from a store 

4 days later I get the sim and I pop it in try to send the text to activate and nope SOS still so I try the Sim in another phone and same thing can't do it so I log in online and try it won't load to activate so I call and the lady I'm talking to sounds like she had an issue didn't tell me just said she needed approval put me on hold 5 mins later she's back tells me it's activated should work in a hour it's been several I've switched handsets , turned on and off nothing it's still SOS I'm ready to take the 3hr drive to a store I'm that frustrated 

Re: SOS after my services were restored


So you paid the bill, they've confirmed nothing is owing but it's still showing SOS? This means it wasn't just "overdue" but probably fully suspended (almost cancelled).


I would call 133343 and get Mobile Technical support to have a look at what the active SIM number is, and see if it's the new replacement or old SIM.

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Re: SOS after my services were restored


Yep paid the bill plus some so I'm actually in credit the bill was like one day overdue first time ever I had been over due the new SIM I got still isn't working Optus has told me they activated it give it 24hrs I'm now going on 3 days and I've called so many times they are not helping me I think I'm going to have to drive down to Melbourne 

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