Reporting bad coverage Brisbane CBD



For the last 12 months, key locations in Brisbane CBD have bad coverage including:

1) queenstreet mall , St George bank

2) Telstra building - very bad reception - 275 George street.


Reception is so bad i am starting to think of moving over to Telstra.

Let us know when reception is expected to improve in these key Brisbane locations!



Re: Reporting bad coverage Brisbane CBD


Hi @MV123 just so I have a better understanding of the issue, it's indoor coverage in the area that you're having issues with?

When you're outside of these two buildings, coverage returns to normal?


I've run a check at both addresses, I'm seeing "good, “indoor 3G and 4G Coverage.

I'm also seeing plans within the next 6 months to improve 4G (700MHz & 1800MHz coverage in the Brisbane CBD).  



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