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New Contributor Chappy84
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Reduced tethering speeds

I currently get around 8Mbps down, 2.5Mbps up and a latency of 28ms with my 4G optus coverage at home on my mobile.
But the second I try tether via USB to my PC it's like I get throttled back, with speeds topping out at 0.25Mbps down with a crazy 880ms ping time.
NBN is useless where I am, it only works sometimes and when it does its speeds are dismal. So I use my mobile network for everything as I have 80gb a month. But it's impossible to use with my pc (or any other device I hotspot it too) because it's too slow. The second tethering is turned off, mobile speeds are great again. Why does the speeds change for tethering only? It's not the devices as I've tried multiple devices and cables and different ports etc. It has to be the network
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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Reduced tethering speeds

There are three version of USB. 

Each version offering improved performance over previous releases. With each generation of USB comes improved data transfer rates.

USB 1.1 offers maximum speeds of 12Mbps

USB 2.0 offers maximum speeds of 480Mbps

USB 3 can deliver speeds of 4.8Gbps

You can find the version of your USB input via your device manager (Windows) 

Google how to find the the USB input version to confirm which generation of USB input your computer has. 

I'd say that's likely cause of the issue you're having. We do not throttle tethering speeds. I often using my phone has a hot spot and I've never had an issue. 

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