Re: Reception Blackout - Belgrave/Lilydale Line


Optus! When are we going to see some changes!!?? 

What is being done to fix this issue!


This is beyond rediculous!

Re: Reception Blackout - Belgrave/Lilydale Line


I support this thread. It is very frustrating to loose reception for large parts of my commute.

Re: Reception Blackout - Belgrave/Lilydale Line


Still no better, in fact, it's now worse!!

The loop (I travel through Parliament & Melbourne Central) has dropped off significantly and I now get poor reception all the way between Glenferrie and Box Hill. 

Re: Reception Blackout - Belgrave/Lilydale Line


I've just rejoined Optus having been with Telstra for 6 years, and I'm sorry to say the reception on the Belgrave/Lilydale train line between Camberwell and Richmond is as bad as it used to be in 2013. Please address the reception issue for this part of the train line.

Re: Reception Blackout - Belgrave/Lilydale Line


Well.. just realised there is a thread for this issue... I've been with Optus for awhile now but this signal issue in the eastern train lines finally got me looking at other carriers, when i found this thread.. here is how bad it is @Optus... passing through Canturbery, Camberwell, Hawthorn, East Richmond.. you can pick out all the Optus customers in the train... coz everyone looks up/puts their phone away.. as it goes unresponsive to any network activity.. its almost funny... Please address this... i will wait until the next billing cycle... and then you've lost a customer.. cheers

Re: Reception Blackout - Belgrave/Lilydale Line


This is not something that we can assist with here on the forum.
Please chat with us with a log of your dropouts. 

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Re: Reception Blackout - Belgrave/Lilydale Line


If I wasn't on a plan, I would have left ages ago!

It has improved a little bit, but still very poor around Camberwell.

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